Let us share with you the peace of mind that comes with taking control of your finances and living with a plan for the future.

What is a Financial Coach?

It’s easier to start with what we are not. We aren’t insurance, investment or loan product sales people. Think of as a personal trainer for your financial health. Similar to how a personal fitness trainer works one-on-one with clients to create customized solutions that will meet their specific health needs, a financial coach helps individuals get from to where they are to where they want to be financially in the most efficient and effective manner possible. Working with a coach, you will:

  • Be given the accountability you need to follow through on your plan
  • Find hope and financial peace
  • Receive unique tools and tips specific to your needs
  • Improve your relationships

History of Coach Connections

A passion and heart to serve is a great start, but without ongoing support, education and encouragement, a coach will burnout in a short period of time. Many coaches start by experiencing a personal financial transformation, then begin absorbing financial content, some attending one of the training events put on by organizations like Crown Financial Ministries, Dave Ramsey’s Counselor Training, or Good Sense. While these programs provide a good coaching framework and cheer-leading to go out and serve, there is little or no support, continuing education or guidance after the initial 2-4 days of training. Suzan Hicks, former counselor trainer at Dave Ramsey’s organization, said it best “While we have an excellent 3 day training program, unfortunately of the over 2,500 coaches we have trained, less than 1% have been successful at building a coaching business.”

Born of an obvious need, what started as a few coaches sharing ideas, forms, and business building ideas has become the most respected financial coaching organization in America. Over 100 coaches have shared their insights, knowledge and expertise in an environment that that not only hones coaching skills but encourages members to continue sharing their gift to serve others. Over the years, Coach Connections, LLC has evolved from a few coaches helping each other, to a structured mastermind group into it’s current form of a sought after coaching organization.

How are we different?

We realize that each client and situation is unique. The diverse background of the group has allowed us to incorporate valuable nuggets of expertise and knowledge in order to create a benchmark for best practices. These best practices are mold-able to fit the unique needs of our coaching clients. We work with a client to determine their desired outcomes, meet them where they are at, then a coach utilizes the extensive ongoing training to employ the Coach Connection, LLC resources that will quickly impact a clients situation.