Select A Coach

Let us share with you the peace of mind that comes with taking control of your finances and living with a plan for the future.

What is a Financial Coach?

Consider us personal trainers for your financial health. Similar to how a personal fitness trainer works one-on-one with clients to create customized solutions that will meet their specific health needs, a financial coach helps you get from where you are to where you want to be financially. Our solutions and recommendations are unique to you. Working with a coach, you will:

  • Be given the accountability you need to follow through on your plan
  • Find hope and contentment
  • Receive personalized resources and tips
  • Improve your relationships

The table below shows two popular options, the Fine Tuning and the Select-A-Coach;

Fine Tuning – perfect for those that want to discuss a specific topic or want a second set of eyes to evaluate their situation.

Select-A-Coach – matches you with a coach that is experienced with situations like yours and has the proven ability to maximize your potential.

Fine Tuning
Online Education Program
One Month Private Coaching

Fine Tuning Plus:
3 Months Private Coaching
Annual Accountability
Unlimited Access to Personal Coach

Description of Offerings:

Online Education – Annual membership to a self-paced online education platform ($99 Value)

Coach Match Consultation – Free phone consultation to determine the financial coach that will be a best match for you and your situation

Private Coaching Session – Personalized session(s) with an expert financial coach. You will be matched with a coach that is an expert for your situation. None of our coaches sell insurance, investments or any other financial product

Accountability Program – Email us your budget each month and we’ll reply with adjustments, corrections and tips specific to your situation and goals

E-Mail Support – Send us your questions and we’ll provide guidance

3 Months Private Coaching – Unlimited access to a financial coach for three months

One Month Private Coaching – Includes an Initial consultation and two accountability sessions

To start the process, Contact Us!

Business Coaching – is available and quoted on a custom basis.