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Your organization can benefit from partnering with Coach Connections. Imagine the impact on your business when you are responsible for making a positive life changing impact on peoples lives.. Imagine the loyalty of your clients, employees or associates after you provide them with access to a financial coaching team that’s only mission is to provide the peace of mind that comes from taking control of finances and living with a plan for the future.

Are you an;


Finances are the leading cause of stress outside the workplace, this impacts your bottom line through presenteeism, turnover and poor morale. Our team of coaches are available to serve either on-site or virtually via Skype, phone or GoToMeeting. Employers that have engaged a coach have seen results that include 30% reduction in 401(k) loans, 8% reduction in turnover, and an increase in emergency funds from 8%-86%.

Health Wellness Provider

Health wellness is finally receiving the recognition it deserves for changing lives and impacting your clients bottom line. You know the impact of behavior change and you’ve outlasted those that misled employers and confused clients by pushing their products under the banner of Health Wellness. We are seeing the same thing happen as insurance, investment, and loan organizations pitch their products under the banner of a ‘Financial Wellness’ solution. Add a financial behavior change team to your suite of offerings.


Are you a not-for-profit that has a membership that can benefit from peace in their finances? Ask us how we can partner to not only impact their lives but also generate revenue for your non-profit.

Retirement Plan Administrator

Differentiate your services by providing enhanced education and behavior change. Since we don’t sell insurance or investments, you remain the expert in allocations, retirement planning, projections, and product recommendations. While you can provide some education, you don’t have the time to assist with the time consuming aspect of behavior change. You will find that clients that follow our program actually free up more money for investing and, more importantly, rarely take a loan on their retirement funds. Clients with a solid foundation are also more apt to invest in proper risk management products Ask how our team can partner with you.

Coach Connections is the official coaching provider to the leading organizational wellness provider My Money Wellness, LLC.

Retirement-Loft_PlanDiscoverInvest_Logo-vector-blue1“Our members are already doing well and are always seeking ways to excel. We’re excited that we’ve found a team of financial coaches to serve our members as they reach for their retirement goals. We really like that Coach Connections doesn’t sell insurance or investments.”

logofe“The team at Coach Connections enhance our financial planning software by providing answers to unique questions, help apply principals to our clients situations and a second set of eyes.”

logo-fb“We serve a variety of organizations that have employees with all kinds of situations. The depth of knowledge and quality of training allows us to provide a resource to our clients that differentiates us in the marketplace while impacting the lives of the organizations employees.”